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Board and Train


Dogs are fully immersed in a structured, training-centered environment broken up by rest periods, walks and playtime.

 •Customized training based on your dog's needs and yours.

 •Cage-free training. Dogs are only crated if acting aggressive or not getting along with others ( and for brief rest during the day)

Limited capacity to ensure safety and individual attention.

​•Cage-free boarding! Every night is a slumber party with our live-in trainer there to supervise.

 •Photo & video updates from your trainer.

 •Humane training techniques

 •A training transfer session with your dog's trainer, as well as customized follow-up materials

 •1 hr private session/s  for follow up.

 •Teaching the basic fundamental skills: Name Recognition, Sit, Come, Down, Stay, Spot, Leave It, Touch, Find It, Focus, Loos-leash walking, and behavior modification with barking and more!

What does Training include?

Activities and Exposure

•Other Dogs



•Obstacle course, for confidence building

•Kiddie Pools

•Remote control Cars

•Sharing food and toys

•Hats/ costumes


Reinforced Vocabulary

•Release word "Ok." 





•Gentle/ Easy (Playing gently and -respectfully)

•Break! (stop intensive play and break away)

•Settle (to shake off energy and calm down)

•Time Out/ Uh oh!


•Leave it


Leash Training

•Loose leash 

•Automatic sit when stopping


•Eye contact

•"Go Potty"

•Loud noises



•Other dogs on Leash

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