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Giving a Hand

About Us

Our Story

Positive Energy Dog Training has been helping the dogs of San Francisco develop a delightful relationship with their Pet Parents since 2020.

We are a group of diverse trainers who believe in relationship-based, nature-based training. We believe that training built on trust and kindness is one of the most effective methods. When you have a respectful relationship with clear communication, your dog will want to spend time working with you.  

Our techniques are effective in teaching new behaviors and altering current ones. By reinforcing behaviors you like and want to continue, you set your dog up for success. Regardless of your dog's age and past experiences, We believe in most tools and believe in knowledge and understanding of how to use tools and methods that give them the best chance to live happily and comfortably in our hectic world.

Here at Positive Energy Dog Training, we believe that every interaction is a learning experience.

In Loving Memory
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